ATS Refrigerated Air Dryers Tropical Series


ATS Refrigerated Air Dryers Tropical Series

ATS has designed and manufactured a new range of refrigerated compressed air dryers that provide a combination of technology and performance.

The Function Principie

The warn compressed air enters the air/air heat exchanger and gets pre-cooled by the outgoing cold air. Then, the pre-co-led air passes through the evaporator where it is cooled to the required temperature. The condensate, separeated from the compressed air in the demister, is discharged automatically by the condensate drain. The refrigerant and the temperature are regulated by a by-pass pressure valve.

Main features
  • Low pressure drop
  • High technology ultra-compact alumium heat exchanger
  • Easy maintenance
  • Oversize components

Technical details

Control panels
The control panels are user friendly, allowing the monitor of:
  • Dew point
  • Operating modes
  • Drain management
  • Alarm mangement

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